Medical Synchronization

Do you ever find it difficult to keep up with your medication refills and picking up your medication on time? If you answered yes, you may benefit from our complimentary medication synchronization.

Medication Synchronization

Medication Synchronization, also called med sync, is a program we offer here at ProScript America Pharmacy to help synchronize your medication refills so that you will be able to pick up ALL of your medications on a single day each month and not having to remember whether you have all of your medication or think about which medication is almost out or due for a refill next. We make it easy and efficient. Keeping track of your medication fill dates, notifying you when you have refills and coordinating with your physician to request refills on your behalf. If your physician wants to see you before prescribing refills for you, we’ll call and let you know at least 5 days in advance, so you don’t run out of medication and so you can schedule an appointment with them.

Speak to a staff member today about how we can get you set up on med sync